Evenco takes home bronze at Covid Response Awards


We are delighted to announce that Evenco International won the Covid Response Awards bronze prize for the Best Covid-19 Response in Media/Creative Industries (up to 75 Employees)! 

The Covid Response awards, recognise organisations who have responded exceptionally in light of the COVID-19 pandemic. Paying tribute to the resilience, resourcefulness and tenacity that have been the hallmark of corporate and non-commercial organisations since the pandemic began.

For Evenco International this meant having to engineer the transformation of our events from physical to virtual, while maintaining solid attendee engagement throughout. Prior to the pandemic Evenco was organising highly successful physical events across Europe to bring investors and asset managers together to discuss the latest in investment thinking.

However, like with many other industries, this sadly meant the closure of physical events and therefore we needed to rethink our events strategy to accommodate a digital approach. Our team has since been hard at work to ensure we deliver a seamless portfolio of virtual events to not only bring together the most influential fund selectors and global asset managers, but also provide a key networking space. Enabling investors to continue discussing the latest strategic thinking across all asset classes and ultimately develop client relationships.

We achieved this by first identifying a gap in the market that no other conference provider in the asset management industry was filling, as there was still a demand from investors to meet with asset managers to evaluate funds. We pioneered conferences where asset managers could attend an Evenco event and present to groups of investors in virtual roundtables. A morning of constant rotation where people would be together on video, networking digitally.

We were the first company in the industry across Europe to test this idea in Iberia in June 2020. Then we multiplied and organised the same event concept across Europe, where demand grew and we expanded into new regions.

In addition to conferences, we also saw an opportunity to enter the webinar space. With Bloomberg, global asset managers and investors, we brought together asset managers to pitch their best ideas in under an hour.

These unique webinars complimented our conference portfolio and helped mould us into a digital, executive conference company which has now doubled in size since the start of the pandemic.

See the full list of winners here.

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