Evenco International Carbon Offsetting

At Evenco International we are fully committed to providing a sustainable events program to help reduce our carbon footprint and minimise waste. It is our responsibility to deliver enjoyable, thought-provoking conferences, while protecting the environment and the communities that we operate in. Through our marketing communications, Evenco International will help engage and support our attendees with assisting the collective effort of attending our eco-friendly events. We are committed in doing all we can to comply with environmental legislation to meet our green objectives.

Evenco International reduces its carbon footprint by:

  • Only selecting event venues that actively promote eco-friendly services, such as good links to public transport, recycling facilities and sourcing sustainable food.
  • Having minimal print costs across all divisions of the company. Sustainable printers are used for any collateral we do produce for our events.
  • Ensuring recycling points are provided throughout our events to reduce our waste output.
  • Delivering sustainable corporate gifts on behalf of all our sponsors.
  • Providing recyclable literature throughout, including our event programs.
  • Where possible, using digital screens instead of print signage around the venue.
  • Actively encouraging a hybrid event format, to provide a blend of live and virtual event experiences, in doing so reducing our footfall.
  • Promoting guests to use their own reusable water bottles to reduce the need for single-use plastics.
  • Purchasing Carbon Offsets for emissions that can’t be reduced, such as planting a tree for every flight our staff members take to an event.