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Evenco International Fund Forum Stockholm 2022

On Wednesday morning, 16th March 2022, our Evenco International Fund Forum returned to Stockholm at the Grand Hotel to welcome back Sweden’s most influential fund selectors and global asset managers

Evenco International Fund Forum Copenhagen 2022

On Thursday morning, 3rd March 2022, our Evenco International Fund Forum returned to Copenhagen at the Hotel D’Angleterre. This exclusive conference which was our first event of the year, saw

Norway says its sovereign fund will divest from Russia

Norway’s $1.3 trillion sovereign wealth fund, the world’s largest, will divest its Russian assets following Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, the Norwegian prime minister said on Sunday. The fund’s Russian assets,

European banks eye comeback against Wall Street

Replenished firepower and higher interest rates will give Europe’s banks an ideal opportunity this year to reverse recent underperformance and claw back market share from rivals in the United States,

What piqued investors’ interests in 2021?

Energy funds were an investor favourite in 2021, with some of the previous year’s worst funds topping the performance tables during the past year. According to Ben Yearsley, investment director

JPMAM launches Climate Change Solutions fund

JP Morgan Asset Management (JPMAM) has launched its Climate Change Solutions Fund to be managed by Francesco Conte, Yazann Romahi and Sara Bellenda. Funds Europe states that the fund is

Inflows into U.S. bond funds dwarf equity purchases

U.S. bond funds have attracted record inflows throughout 2021, despite worries about inflation and expectations the Federal Reserve could roll back its pandemic-era stimulus measures earlier than expected. According to

Omicron variant prompts equity fund sell off

The Omicron variant was the main driver behind investors selling £83 million in equity fund holdings over a two-day period in November, highlighting significant investor uncertainty. According to Calastone’s November

Evenco takes home bronze at Covid Response Awards

We are delighted to announce that Evenco International won the Covid Response Awards bronze prize for the Best Covid-19 Response in Media/Creative Industries (up to 75 Employees)!  The Covid Response

Barings launches global tech equity fund

Barings has launched its Global Technology fund to capture the opportunities from the increasing adoption of modern technologies. The fund offers investors access to global tech companies and aims to

Evenco International Fund Forum Oslo

On Tuesday morning, 30th November 2021, our Evenco International Fund Forum returned to Oslo at the Hotel Continental. An exclusive conference where professionals in the management and distribution of funds, institutional

Evenco International Fund Forum Bilbao

On Thursday morning, 25th November 2021, our Evenco International Fund Forum returned to Bilbao at the Hotel Carlton. The exclusive morning conference brought together a collaboration of professionals in the management

New record for German fund industry

The German fund industry is set to have a record sales year as inflows hit €167.9 billion at the end of September, according to a report by the BVI, Germany’s

Finnish fund acquires Spanish 50MW solar farm

The Finnish-owned Taaleri SolarWind 2 fund has acquired 100% ownership of the 50MW Niebla solar farm in Spain. According to Renews, “the ready-to-build project is located in the municipality of

Evenco International Fund Forum Helsinki

On Thursday morning, 11th November 2021, our Evenco International Fund Forum returned to Helsinki at the Hotel Kämp. The exclusive morning conference united professionals in the management and distribution of funds,

Election surprise boosts Nikkei

Japan’s Nikkei has risen 2.3% to a one-month high after Prime Minister Fumio Kishida’s Liberal Democratic Party won by a surprisingly strong election victory, raising hopes for stability and stimulus

Will the S&P 500 keep on rising?

The S&P 500 kick started a busy week for third-quarter earnings on Monday, by securing its 56th record close of the year, reflecting a stunning 21.6% gain already for 2021.

Evenco International Fund Forum Milan

On Tuesday morning, 19th October 2021, we were delighted to welcome back our Evenco International Fund Forum to the Westin Palace Milan. The morning event was an exclusive conference where

New Climate Change Plans from the EU and China

The European Union and China have both announced new plans this week to dramatically reduce greenhouse gas emissions to slow the pace of climate change. Many scientists say the warming climate is

Surging costs catch global economy in perfect storm

Consumers are starting to feel the effects from surging costs coursing through the global economy. With coronavirus restrictions being lifted, the rebound impact has exposed supply chain shortages, with many

Energy crisis fuels economic recovery concerns

From Beijing to Delhi, authorities have been scrambling to fill a vast power supply gap on Tuesday (Oct 12), triggering global stock and bond market unrest, with worries that rising energy costs

Crude oil rises amid global energy crisis

Oil prices have increased again today (Oct 11), extending multiweek gains as the energy crisis taking hold of many major economies shows no sign of stopping, causing supply restraints for

US Senate vote to raise nation’s debt ceiling

To avoid an historic default, the US Senate has now voted to temporarily raise the nation’s debt limit to avoid catastrophic circumstances for the economy. Senators have agreed to raise

Fidelity: Opportunity emerges in Chinese markets

Opportunities are emerging in China’s beaten-up bond markets after the recent selling caused by the debt crisis at property developer Evergrande. Fund giant Fidelity is now investing money back into

Pandora Papers: Global figures deny misconduct

Global figures have been denying any misconduct regarding the “Pandora Papers” data leak of what news sources are calling “a secret trove of documents about offshore finance”, according to Reuters.

Dollar bounces back after 2-day decline

After two consecutive sessions of losses, the dollar has edged higher today (Oct 4), as hedge funds increase their holdings as concern rises for the Chinese property sector and resilient

Growth vs. Value in Q3

According to Reuters, U.S. mid-cap growth funds, EM stocks and inflation-protected bonds were among the winners for U.S. investors in a turbulent third quarter after the benchmark S&P 500 hit

Fumio Kishida: unfavourable for market participants?

Japanese stocks ended over 2% lower on Wednesday, following overnight losses on Wall Street because of heightened inflation woes, while investors awaited the election that would decide Japan’s next prime

The Evergrande Debt Crisis

The future of Evergrande – the world’s most indebted company in the world – is being examined by investors after the company last Friday did not meet a deadline to

Germany: investors face uncertainty after election

Coalition talks to form the first administration, following Merkel’s departure, could take weeks, possibly months to conclude. According to Reuters, the Social Democrats (SPD) and the conservatives are seeking to

London Fund Selector Report

Q2 – 2021 ESG – ESG TAKES CENTRE STAGE IN UK FUND SELECTION ESG criteria have a central place in the fund selection process for a growing number of selectors

Pan – Euro Fund Selector Report

Q1 2021 PAN-EURO – COMMON INVESTMENT PATTERNS Fund buyers across Europe are widely different as they serve clients with very different risk profiles. However, few patterns have emerged regarding asset

Italy Fund Selector Report 2021

March 2021 ITALIAN INVESTORS TURN TO EQUITIES Italian investors traditionally invest the bulk of their assets in bonds. But based on Evenco’s latest survey from the country, a historic change

Evenco International Fund Forum Milan 2018

We are delighted to invite Italy’s most influential Fund Selectors to the new Evenco International Fund Forum at the Westin Palace in Milan on 27th September 2018. A half day, morning fund

Evenco International Fund Forum 2018

Evenco International, Bloomberg and Roubini Global Economics, along with the sponsorship of Amundi Pioneer, BlackRock, Carmignac, Invesco US, Lazard Asset Management and Robo Global will bring together senior professional wealth

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