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Evenco International, Bloomberg and Roubini Global Economics, along with the sponsorship of Amundi Pioneer, BlackRock, Carmignac, Invesco US, Lazard Asset Management and Robo Global will bring together senior professional wealth advisors and institutional investors from across the Americas, including some of the largest financial institutions in asset management, to discuss the latest in absolute return, … Read more

We are delighted to invite Italy’s most influential Fund Selectors to the new Evenco International Fund Forum at the Westin Palace in Milan on 27th September 2018. A half day, morning fund forum for professional investors, supported by the CFA Society Italy. Agenda 08:30 REGISTRATION 09:00 WELCOME SPEECH 09:10 GLOBAL ECONOMIC OUTLOOK & FORECASTSMike Gallagher, Chief Economist, … Read more

Alina Donets, vice president and portfolio manager at Allianz Global Investors joined us for the Evenco International Fund Forum in Helsinki. Donets spoke about the issues surrounding US water infrastructure – a network system that is in poor shape. And how replacing obsolete water infrastructure is now providing significant opportunities for institutional investors. Alina quoted … Read more

In early September, we travelled to Milan to meet with a number of top fund selectors fromItaly’s major banks. As far as markets are concerned, we found them in a less than ebullient mood. Risky assets, with the notable exception of US equities, are out of favour, while government bonds are in fashion again.  There … Read more

March 2021 ITALIAN INVESTORS TURN TO EQUITIES Italian investors traditionally invest the bulk of their assets in bonds. But based on Evenco’s latest survey from the country, a historic change in thinking is on the way. The Italian fund selectors and portfolio managers we interviewed in early March are almost unanimous in their view that … Read more

Q1 2021 PAN-EURO – COMMON INVESTMENT PATTERNS Fund buyers across Europe are widely different as they serve clients with very different risk profiles. However, few patterns have emerged regarding asset classes where investors see value in, or are concerned about. Debt markets are the largest markets in the world. Thus, their performance exerts a massive … Read more

Q2 – 2021 ESG – ESG TAKES CENTRE STAGE IN UK FUND SELECTION ESG criteria have a central place in the fund selection process for a growing number of selectors in the UK. Seven in ten London-based fund selectors now have an internal ESG policy, while another 60% deem ESG criteria ‘very important’ when selecting … Read more

We are delighted to have been shortlisted for two categories at the forthcoming Covid Response Awards. Taking place on 25th November at the Kia Oval, London, Evenco International has been recognised for the Best COVID-19 response in media / creative industries and the Best pivot / reinvention in events as a results of COVID-19 category. … Read more

Coalition talks to form the first administration, following Merkel’s departure, could take weeks, possibly months to conclude. According to Reuters, the Social Democrats (SPD) and the conservatives are seeking to lead a new government. Though a so-called “traffic light” coalition between the SPD, Greens, and the liberal FDP is forming .  If Olaf Scholz, leader … Read more

The future of Evergrande – the world’s most indebted company in the world – is being examined by investors after the company last Friday did not meet a deadline to make an interest payment to offshore bond holders, impacting the Chinese USD bond markets.  Emerging market corporate bonds are vulnerable to geopolitical risks. Chinese authorities, … Read more

Japanese stocks ended over 2% lower on Wednesday, following overnight losses on Wall Street because of heightened inflation woes, while investors awaited the election that would decide Japan’s next prime minister. The Nikkei average fell 2.12% to close at 29,544.29, its lowest since Sept. 3.  Just a few minutes after Tokyo’s market closed, Fumio Kishida … Read more

According to Reuters, U.S. mid-cap growth funds, EM stocks and inflation-protected bonds were among the winners for U.S. investors in a turbulent third quarter after the benchmark S&P 500 hit a record high. However, at the end of September,  rising Treasury yields and debt negotiations in Washington have weighed on investor sentiment.  Growth funds investing in … Read more

After two consecutive sessions of losses, the dollar has edged higher today (Oct 4), as hedge funds increase their holdings as concern rises for the Chinese property sector and resilient U.S. Treasury yields have enhanced demand. Throughout the 2nd quarter, the dollar has been struggling to find its footing, but recently received a new boost … Read more

Global figures have been denying any misconduct regarding the “Pandora Papers” data leak of what news sources are calling “a secret trove of documents about offshore finance”, according to Reuters. These include the Czech prime minister, the king of Jordan and top Pakistani cabinet ministers. The data leak is being investigated by India who will … Read more

There has been a decline in European stocks today (Wed 6th Oct), due to concern about high inflation, fuelled by rising energy costs, which is forcing central banks to tighten their monetary policy faster, consequently affecting the post-pandemic recovery. Normally we would expect to see an increase in German factory orders, a clear indicator of … Read more

Opportunities are emerging in China’s beaten-up bond markets after the recent selling caused by the debt crisis at property developer Evergrande. Fund giant Fidelity is now investing money back into Chinese stocks as they believe there is a high risk-reward on offer. According to Reuters, there has been a variety of factors that has caused … Read more

To avoid an historic default, the US Senate has now voted to temporarily raise the nation’s debt limit to avoid catastrophic circumstances for the economy. Senators have agreed to raise the limit by $480bn (£352bn), which will cover the US until early December. According to the BBC, “the breakthrough came less than two weeks before … Read more

Oil prices have increased again today (Oct 11), extending multiweek gains as the energy crisis taking hold of many major economies shows no sign of stopping, causing supply restraints for vital producers.Reuters state that “Brent crude was up $1.20 cents, or 1.5%, at $83.59 a barrel by 0656 GMT, after gaining nearly 4% last week. … Read more

On Monday (Oct 11), the International Monetary Fund’s executive board expressed its support for Managing Director Kristalina Georgieva after reviewing allegations that she pressurised World Banks staff to change data in China’s favour.   U.S. Treasury secretary Janet Yellen put Georgieva on notice stating that she will need to monitor how the IMF follow-up and evaluate … Read more

From Beijing to Delhi, authorities have been scrambling to fill a vast power supply gap on Tuesday (Oct 12), triggering global stock and bond market unrest, with worries that rising energy costs will stoke inflation and prohibit an economic recovery. Recent weeks have seen record highs in power prices, driven by shortages across Asia and Europe with … Read more

The world’s largest money manager, BlackRock Inc, voted against a resolution calling for the Commonwealth Bank of Australia (CBA) to stop financing new fossil fuel projects. Reuters mention that “CBA’s largest shareholder said it opposed the resolution, which also asked the bank to publish targets to cut its fossil fuel exposures consistent with net zero greenhouse … Read more

Consumers are starting to feel the effects from surging costs coursing through the global economy. With coronavirus restrictions being lifted, the rebound impact has exposed supply chain shortages, with many companies scrambling for workers, ships and fuel to power factories, which jeopardise the economic recovery. Britain’s biggest chicken producer, Ranjit Singh Boparan, owner of the … Read more

The European Union and China have both announced new plans this week to dramatically reduce greenhouse gas emissions to slow the pace of climate change. Many scientists say the warming climate is creating more hurricanes, floods, forest fires, and other events that threaten millions of people and the global economy. The EU and China represent two of … Read more

On Tuesday morning, 19th October 2021, we were delighted to welcome back our Evenco International Fund Forum to the Westin Palace Milan. The morning event was an exclusive conference where professionals in the management and distribution of funds, institutional investors, fund selectors and discretionary managers based in Milan, came together to discuss and debate the … Read more

The Evergrande Group appeared to avoid default with a last-minute bond coupon payment, a source said today (22nd Oct), buying it another week to deal with a debt crisis looming over the world’s second-biggest economy.According to Reuters, China’s second-largest property developer sent $83.5 million to a Citibank trustee account on Thursday, permitting it to pay interest … Read more

The S&P 500 kick started a busy week for third-quarter earnings on Monday, by securing its 56th record close of the year, reflecting a stunning 21.6% gain already for 2021. Market Watch state that ”even more dramatically, the new high-water mark means the S&P 500 has now more than doubled since the worst of last … Read more

According to sources, some Chinese property developers have voiced their intention to the regulators to extend their offshore bond maturities or undertake a debt restructuring, as a growing number of defaults hits the sector, causing turmoil for Fund Selectors who hold the bonds. The developers proposed the ideas at a meeting jointly held yesterday by … Read more

Japan’s Nikkei has risen 2.3% to a one-month high after Prime Minister Fumio Kishida’s Liberal Democratic Party won by a surprisingly strong election victory, raising hopes for stability and stimulus in the term ahead. The Prime Minister announced he would pursue defence policies aimed at deterring China, address climate change and accelerate recovery from the … Read more

Nearly 90 countries have joined a U.S. and EU-led effort to decrease emissions of the potent greenhouse gas methane 30% by 2030 from 2020 levels, a pact aimed at tackling one of the main causes of climate change, a senior Biden administration official said.Methane is the main greenhouse gas after carbon dioxide. It has a higher … Read more

Chinese fund managers are rushing to set up wind power funds, in the latest move to capitalise on investors’ green fever, as global climate talks in Glasgow rekindle interest in China’s carbon neutrality pledge.So far there have been more than 10 fund managers who’ve applied to set up China’s first batch of exchange-traded funds (ETF) … Read more

Norway’s largest pension fund KLP said it would no longer invest in 14 major weapons makers and their suppliers, including Raytheon Technologies Corporation and Rolls-Royce.According to KLP, they have excluded certain companies located in Britain, China, France, Israel, India, Italy and the United States, because they produce certain types of weapons, mostly involving nuclear arms, that … Read more

A union-affiliated pension fund advisor has been pressing Rivian on human rights and environment concerns in the electric vehicle start-up’s battery supply chain ahead of a blockbuster initial public offering, has stated that the company’s response fell short of expectations. According to Reuters, SOC Investment Group Executive Director Dieter Waizenegger said he was disappointed in … Read more

Singapore’s central bank claim that more than 400 variable capital companies (VCCs) have been set up or relocated to the city-state in less than two years since the new corporate structure was launched to cement its position as a financial hub. The framework gives fund managers more flexibility in share issuance and dividend payment and … Read more

Egyptian businessman Naguib Sawiris said he was looking to diversify his interests into sought-after battery metals and was confident that five new gold prospecting and mining concessions in Egypt would soon be approved.According to Reuters, “his gold fund has agreed to sell its controlling stake in Golden Star Resources Ltd, one of three gold companies … Read more

On Thursday morning, 11th November 2021, our Evenco International Fund Forum returned to Helsinki at the Hotel Kämp. The exclusive morning conference united professionals in the management and distribution of funds, institutional investors, fund selectors and discretionary managers, to discuss and debate the latest ideas in investment thinking. Presentations took place from our conference sponsors, with … Read more

The Finnish-owned Taaleri SolarWind 2 fund has acquired 100% ownership of the 50MW Niebla solar farm in Spain. According to Renews, “the ready-to-build project is located in the municipality of San Juan del Puerto in Andalusia, approximately 70km west of Seville. Annual production of electricity will be approximately 107 gigawatt-hours.” Construction will start in December … Read more

A Hong Kong-listed Chinese onshore bond fund saw its size jump 10-fold over the past month on strong money inflows, according to its asset manager, underscoring growing foreign interest in the world’s second-biggest bond market.The CSOP Bloomberg China Treasury + Policy Bank Bond Index ETF saw its asset under management (AUM) increase to more than 5 … Read more

A planned pan-European payments network backed by 22 banks to compete with U.S. duo Mastercard and Visa appealed on Tuesday for public money, saying its private backers were not prepared to stump up all the cash needed. Reuters state that “the European Payments Initiative (EPI) was launched last year and is seeking to get more … Read more

Singapore has recently returned an estimated $16.3 million to Malaysia linked to a multibillion-dollar scandal at state fund 1MDB, Malaysia’s anti-graft agency said today (19 November).According to Reuters, “U.S. authorities say about $4.5 billion was siphoned from 1Malaysia Development Berhad (1MDB) between 2009 and 2014, in a globe-spanning theft that has implicated high-ranking officials and … Read more

The German fund industry is set to have a record sales year as inflows hit €167.9 billion at the end of September, according to a report by the BVI, Germany’s investment fund association.  Prior to the current year, 2015 was the best year for sales with fund companies registering €186.6 billion in inflows from the beginning … Read more

Unlocking over $23 trillion, held by the top 100 asset owners globally, is key to reaching net zero targets, according to research by the Thinking Ahead Institute (TAI).  Funds Europe state that “capital held by the group grew by 15.7% last year, climbing to $23.5 trillion, and pension funds remain the single biggest group of … Read more

The market for sustainable funds in Germany continued to perform well in the third quarter of the year, with assets climbing to €339 billion by the end of September, accounting for 24% of total retail fund assets. Funds Europe state that “according to a recent BVI report of the market, Spezialfonds accounted for €113 billion … Read more

Money market funds were the best-selling asset in October, while investors sold out of global emerging market bond funds. According to Refinitiv Lipper’s European Fund Flow Report for October 2021, money market funds attracted €66.9 billion in net inflows during the month and long-term mutual funds posted €49.2 billion. The best-selling sector among long term … Read more

On Thursday morning, 25th November 2021, our Evenco International Fund Forum returned to Bilbao at the Hotel Carlton. The exclusive morning conference brought together a collaboration of professionals in the management and distribution of funds, institutional investors, fund selectors and discretionary managers, to discuss and debate the latest trends in investment thinking. Presentations took place from … Read more

HANetf has launched its thematic exchange-traded funds (ETFs) range in France, with the 17 funds due to list on Euronext Paris in mid-December. Among the 17 funds are Europe’s first cloud ETF, space ETF, solar energy ETF and airlines ETF. Funds Europe states that “it also includes Europe’s first ETFs with a carbon offset mechanism, … Read more

The latest COVID-19 virus variant has sparked a wild ride in markets. Investors say the volatility probably isn’t over yet, as they look for selective opportunities to pounce on while protecting their portfolios as the year-end nears.Reuters states, that “the emergence of the Omicron variant saw the S&P 500 notch its worst one-day percentage loss … Read more

On Tuesday morning, 30th November 2021, our Evenco International Fund Forum returned to Oslo at the Hotel Continental. An exclusive conference where professionals in the management and distribution of funds, institutional investors, fund selectors and discretionary managers based in Oslo have come together to discuss and debate the latest ideas in investment thinking. Presentations took place … Read more

Barings has launched its Global Technology fund to capture the opportunities from the increasing adoption of modern technologies. The fund offers investors access to global tech companies and aims to achieve capital growth over the long term. Funds Europe state that “it is to be managed by Matthew Ward and Colin Moar and will follow … Read more

We are delighted to announce that Evenco International won the Covid Response Awards bronze prize for the Best Covid-19 Response in Media/Creative Industries (up to 75 Employees)!  The Covid Response awards, recognise organisations who have responded exceptionally in light of the COVID-19 pandemic. Paying tribute to the resilience, resourcefulness and tenacity that have been the … Read more

Up to 71% of institutional investors expect to increase allocations to private markets, including private equity and venture capital, over the next five years, according to research from Numis. According to Funds Europe, “the research, which surveyed 200 institutional investors with combined assets under management (AUM) of $4.5 trillion, also revealed 73% of respondents intend … Read more

Steward Investors’ Sustainable Funds Group has launched a Global Emerging Markets Leaders Sustainability Fund for UK investors. According to Funds Europe, “the fund which is available as an OCEIC and in early 2022 as an Irish VCC for the UK, European Economic Area and Switzerland invests in high-quality mid-to-large-cap companies that are considered to be … Read more

Hedge funds posted their worst performance in 20 months in November, after a global market selloff sparked by concerns over the Omicron COVID variant, according to recent data from Hedge Fund Research. Financial markets went into a tailspin in the last week of November with U.S. stocks losing nearly 4% in the last five trading sessions … Read more

The Omicron variant was the main driver behind investors selling £83 million in equity fund holdings over a two-day period in November, highlighting significant investor uncertainty. According to Calastone’s November Fund Flow Index, as governments imposed new restrictions on travel and reimposed mask mandates investors reacted swiftly on Friday 26 and Monday 29 November 2021, … Read more

Canada Pension Plan Investment Board (CPP Investments) has made an initial $300 million equity investment in Britain’s Octopus Energy Group as part of a long-term strategic partnership. Reuters state that “the investment and partnership with Octopus Energy was made through CPP Investment’s Sustainable Energies Group, which aims to increase its level of committed capital over … Read more

U.S. bond funds have attracted record inflows throughout 2021, despite worries about inflation and expectations the Federal Reserve could roll back its pandemic-era stimulus measures earlier than expected. According to Refinitiv Lipper data, U.S. bond funds attracted a net $612B in the first eleven months of this year, already surpassing the record inflow of $486.18B … Read more

For the first time ever, annual global net inflows into ETFs have surpassed $1 trillion in 2021, and this milestone was reached in November. This brought total global assets invested in ETFs close to $9.5T, more than twice their value as of the end of 2018. In 2020, the global inflows for the full year … Read more

JP Morgan Asset Management (JPMAM) has launched its Climate Change Solutions Fund to be managed by Francesco Conte, Yazann Romahi and Sara Bellenda. Funds Europe states that the fund is “the firm’s first EU SFDR Article 9 SICAV fund and will invest in “forward thinking companies” that the managers consider to be developing and scaling … Read more

The explosion in DIY investing since the start of the pandemic has led to a scramble among Britain’s more traditional asset managers and banks to buy or build online platforms that give consumers more direct control of their investment portfolios. While the ‘meme stock’ frenzy that saw a rush by consumers to buy shares in … Read more

Global bond funds posted huge outflows this week, as investors anticipated that major central banks would shift the direction of their monetary policy during key policy meetings, pressured by soaring inflation levels. Investors offloaded global bond funds of $6.91B, marking their biggest weekly net selling since April 8, 2020, Refinitiv Lipper data showed. In the … Read more

Europe has moved to implement tougher restrictions in a bid to stop the spread of Omicron, sending equities lower triggered by investors’ “renewed nervousness”. Global equities fell 1.5% last week and are down a further 1-2% today, as Omicron continues to disrupt the economic recovery, according to Rupert Thompson, chief investment officer at UK-based wealth … Read more

Norway’s $1.4 trillion wealth fund has divested from Chinese pharmaceutical firm Yunnan Baiyao, saying the decision was because the company uses and sells body parts from pangolins, an endangered species. The fund also said in a statement issued late on Tuesday it had put Marfrig Global Foods, one of Brazil’s largest producers of beef, under … Read more

Energy funds were an investor favourite in 2021, with some of the previous year’s worst funds topping the performance tables during the past year. According to Ben Yearsley, investment director at Fairview Investing, Schroder ISF Global Energy was the top performing fund of 2021, with a return of 48.84%, followed closely by TB Guinness Global … Read more

TUI is planning to finance new hotels and cruise ships by setting up investment funds rather than through borrowing, its strategy director Peter Krueger was quoted by German magazine WirtschaftsWoche as saying. Reuters states that, “the world’s largest holiday company had to be propped up with billions of euros of government aid after its travel business … Read more

NextEnergy Solar Fund Ltd signed its first co-investment transaction for a 25% stake in a Spanish 50 megawatt (MW) solar project currently under construction. The specialist solar power renewable energy investment said in a statement the energisation of the project, in Cadiz, is expected to take place in the first half of 2022. Once energised, … Read more

Global equity funds attracted massive inflows for a third straight week in the seven days to 5th January, as world stocks started the new year on a solid footing, shrugging off worries over the Omicron coronavirus variant and higher inflation. According to Reuters, “Investors purchased global equity funds worth a net $19.01B in the period, … Read more

Spain plans to issue 75 billion euros ($84.95B) in bonds over 2022, roughly in line with last year’s total, while strong demand from international investors looks set to continue, Treasury Chief Carlos Cuerpo told reporters on Monday. In gross terms, the government will issue some 237B euros, down from 264.3B last year, Cuerpo told a … Read more

U.S. investor Ray Dalio, founder of the world’s largest hedge fund, says investors need to be mindful of the current inflationary environment and stop viewing cash as a safe investment. According to Reuters, “the comments come as major central banks around the world have started or are preparing to tighten monetary policy to curb rising … Read more

An infrastructure debt fund managed by Global Infrastructure Partners (GIP) has made $675m (€583m) worth of investments in two separate deals. According to IPE Real Assets, “the manager said its GIP Capital Solutions Fund II (GIP CAPS II) fund, together with its co-investors, has invested $500m in renewable power firm BrightNight and has also made … Read more

A coalition of investors managing 50 trillion euros ($56.81T) has warned the European Union not to label natural gas investments as sustainable, saying Brussels’ draft plan to do so would weaken its global leadership on green finance. The European Commission drafted a plan late last year to label some gas and nuclear investments as green … Read more

The 2022 bfinance Insurer Investment Survey has revealed major shifts in asset allocation, investment risk exposures and ESG practices during the pandemic, driven by long-term pressures and the effects of Covid-19. The survey found most insurers are set to further cut their fixed income allocations in the next 18 months. According to Funds Europe, “a … Read more

Strong earnings updates in the United States and Europe helped shares recover on Wednesday from earlier falls driven by rising fears over inflation that have sent bond yields on both sides of the Atlantic to multi-year highs. An index of Europe’s 600 biggest stocks rose 0.49% as robust earnings from luxury majors Burberry and Richemont … Read more

Investors stepped up selling in global bond funds in the seven days to 19th January as hawkish remarks from U.S. Fed officials amid rising inflationary pressure solidified expectations that the central bank will tighten monetary policy as early as March. Investors offloaded global bond funds of $4.12B, that topped previous weeks outflows by about 69%, … Read more

Global thematic ETFs and ETPs saw net inflows of $80.5 billion last year, down almost 25% on the $106.1 billion recorded in 2020, according to ETFGI. According to the data provider’s December 2021 ETF and Thematic industry landscape insights report, total assets in thematic ETFs and ETPs fell from $441 billion at the end of … Read more

European efforts to reach a common definition of sustainable investments risk fragmenting the market they aimed to unify, as investors are deeply divided over which energy sources should count as green. A Reuters survey of 16 fund managers with $6 trillion in assets found investors were at odds over Brussels’ plan, drafted at the end … Read more

Replenished firepower and higher interest rates will give Europe’s banks an ideal opportunity this year to reverse recent underperformance and claw back market share from rivals in the United States, industry experts say. According to Reuters, “european lenders lost ground to Wall Street rivals during the pandemic because volatile markets boosted the earning power of … Read more

Up to 90% of global financial services firms in a survey said they planned to expand operations in the UK in 2022, according to an EY UK attractiveness report. The spike revealed the highest level of investor confidence seen in the region since the consultant began its attractiveness analysis. According to Funds Europe, “financial services firm are … Read more

U.S. public pension funds will likely have to switch to more aggressive investment strategies in the coming years to fill funding gaps despite assets held by sovereign investors having grown to record levels amid the 2021 equity market boom, a new report said. On average, the difference between assets and liabilities at U.S. public pension … Read more

European stock indexes faltered on Friday, despite strong Amazon earnings, while a sell-off in bonds briefly pushed Germany’s 5-year yield positive for the first time in four years after the European Central Bank was more hawkish than expected. Asian equities held firm overnight after better-than-expected earnings from Amazon, in contrast to the heavy selling on … Read more

Perhaps reluctantly, the world’s big central banks seem to be leaning toward a short, sharp policy squeeze in the hope they can back off quickly once they’ve made that mark. The Bank of England’s quarter-point interest rate rise – the second time since December – was widely forecast amid mounting pressure for it do something … Read more

Funds channelling investment into UK companies suffered their worst month on record in January, with another bout of selling pushing total outflows past their previous high following the Brexit vote. Data from Calastone, which tracks money entering and leaving funds from financial advisers, fund supermarkets and wealth managers, shows net sales of £795m for UK-focused equity … Read more

The City of London Corporation has unveiled a new campaign to promote the UK as a “leading global investment management centre”. In conjunction with the Investment Association and the Department for International Trade, the Corporation has launched the Global Investment Futures campaign. The campaign, which is supported by KPMG, focuses on the UK’s success in the … Read more

Credit rating agencies need to improve how they refer to environment, social and governance factors in their ratings used by investors to direct huge sums into sustainable funds, the European Union’s securities watchdog said on Thursday. In the first half of 2021, assets in EU sustainable funds rose by 20% to 1.5 trillion euros, with … Read more

European stocks opened slightly higher on Tuesday, the dollar eased and gold was just below an 8-month high as investors remained focused on the risk of Russia invading Ukraine. The United States said on Sunday that Russia could invade Ukraine any time, a prospect that has prompted investors to sell riskier assets so far this … Read more

Investors should retain an overweight to European equities this year, despite a more volatile global investment backdrop, according to Frederique Carrier, head of investment strategy at RBC Wealth Management. Carrier said that despite rising tensions between the West and Russia, “we continue to suggest holding an overweight, or above-benchmark, position” in European equities. “Given the … Read more

JP Morgan Asset Management has expanded its range of actively-managed exchange traded funds, with a new product that offers exposure to Chinese equities. The JP Morgan AM China A Research Enhanced Index Equity (ESG) UCITS ETF is listed on the London Stock Exchange, the SIX Swiss Exchange and in Frankfurt on the Deutsche Boerse. Funds … Read more

Playing safe ahead of the US Federal Reserve’s policy tightening, global fund managers have shunned technology stocks, Bank of America’s Global Fund Manager Survey showed. Fund managers now have the lowest allocation towards technology stocks since 2006. Investors are eyeing the beginning of the rate hiking cycle by the US Federal Reserve and other central … Read more

The U.S. government broadened restrictions on trading of Russian government debt on Tuesday in a bid to punish Moscow for ratcheting up its conflict with Ukraine, a move that analysts said might have a moderate impact near-term but could be a step toward harsher measures. The U.S. Treasury said it was prohibiting participation in the … Read more

Norway’s $1.3 trillion sovereign wealth fund, the world’s largest, will divest its Russian assets following Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, the Norwegian prime minister said on Sunday. The fund’s Russian assets, consisting of shares in some 47 companies as well as government bonds, were worth 25 billion Norwegian crowns ($2.83B) at the end of 2021, down … Read more

On Thursday morning, 3rd March 2022, our Evenco International Fund Forum returned to Copenhagen at the Hotel D’Angleterre. This exclusive conference which was our first event of the year, saw professionals in the management and distribution of funds, institutional investors, fund selectors and discretionary managers come together in Copenhagen. Presentations and debates took place on … Read more

Russia’s invasion of Ukraine is causing equity traders to abandon some of this year’s most popular strategies and return to old favourites. While initial reaction to the conflict was relatively muted, broader shifts in the outlook for sectors, styles and regions are now getting into gear. Previously out-of-favour sectors such as defence and renewables have … Read more

On Wednesday morning, 16th March 2022, our Evenco International Fund Forum returned to Stockholm at the Grand Hotel to welcome back Sweden’s most influential fund selectors and global asset managers – our first physical event in Sweden since 2019! This exclusive conference saw professionals in the management and distribution of funds, institutional investors, fund selectors … Read more

Global markets have withstood a range of crises over the past two years but investors should not try to second-guess where stocks will go next, analysts say. Can nothing stop this stock market? It’s had everything thrown at it in recent years. The US-China trade tension. A global pandemic. Inflation. War in Ukraine. Soaring oil … Read more

Investors withdrew £1.53 billion from equity funds in March, the largest outflow since July 2016 at the time of the Brexit referendum, according to Calastone’s latest fund flows report, as Russia’s invasion of Ukraine continued to rock markets. Investors actively sold out of funds, Calastone states, as opposed to going on a buy strike, and … Read more

Europe accounts for more than three quarters of global assets in funds with a climate-related mandate, remaining the largest and most diverse climate funds market, according to Morningstar. With a total asset value of $325 billion, Europe’s climate funds market is the largest in the world, ahead of China at $47 billion, which doubled in … Read more

Investors withdrew £836 million from equity funds in April, just beating the previous high set in January this year, as investors sought safe havens for their capital. Two-thirds of UK-focused equity funds saw outflows during the period. Mid-caps and smaller companies featured more prominently on the sell list, according to analysis by funds network Calastone. … Read more

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We are pleased to announce that in September 2022, Evenco International, alongside Bloomberg Intelligence will be launching our brand-new monthly webinar series “Trend Watch” this September.   This will be a free to attend webinar for professionals within or associated with the asset management industry. If you are an investment industry professional or you have a keen … Read more

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How to Deal With Sustained Inflation

Steinar Eikeland

Chief Investment Officer
at Industrifinans Kapitalforvaltning

Erik Hilde

Global Head of External Strategies
at Norges Bank Investment Management

Petter Slyngstadli

Head Of Research
at Norne Securities

Leif-Rune Husebye Rein

Chief Investment Officer
at Nordea Life Norway


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Steinar Eikeland

Chief Investment Officer
at Industrifinans Kapitalforvaltning

Erik Hilde

Global Head of External Strategies
at Norges Bank Investment Management

Petter Slyngstadli

Head Of Research
at Norne Securities

Leif-Rune Husebye Rein

Chief Investment Officer
at Nordea Life Norway

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Except for the above, we do not process or analyse your information in any other way, including disclosing your information with third parties, unless required to do so by law.

Conference registration

If you sign up to attend one of our conferences, we will ask you to provide your professional details – in order to determine your suitability to attend our conference and share with you all logistical information. We will use this information internally to communicate with you. We request the following: name, job title, business address, email address and business telephone number. By attending our conferences we may pass the information we collect at registration to our conference sponsors. It gives our sponsors the opportunity to know who will be attending the conference. They can contact you after the conference for commercial reasons. It is, therefore, up to you whether you remain in contact with them. Evenco International will never share any of your personal data with potential sponsors without your explicit consent. After the conference, we will ask you to complete surveys regarding your experience with us. Information for us and the sponsors of the conference to which the feedback applies. We will check, of course, that you are happy to share your feedback and personal data with the sponsors. We will not share your feedback with other third parties without your explicit consent. There will be a photographer and/or videographer at our conferences. This may be used for future marketing material, our website and social media channels.

Email Marketing

When you register to attend one of our conferences, we will ask you if you wish to receive direct marketing from us regarding future conferences. You can choose to stop receiving them at any time by emailing info@evencointernational.es

Face to face meetings

Evenco International meets with its audiences prior to its events – meaning we will sometimes ask to meet you and ask you questions. We do not record these meetings. Any opinions that you express may be shared with specific sponsors – anonymously – on the condition that you give us your permission to do this.


We ensure information once received is stored securely and only accessible with the correct authorisation. Electronic data and databases are stored on secure computer systems and we control who has access to information. However, a loss of personal data is known as a data breach. The General Data Protection Regulation imposes requirements on businesses to report breaches within 72 hours. We undertake to inform you if your personal data is compromised and there is a risk to your rights and freedoms as a result.

Contact Us

If you have any questions about this Privacy Policy or relating to our use of your information, write to our Data Protection Officer at Evenco International, 1 Ropemaker Street, London, Greater London, England EC2Y 9HT, or emailing info@evencointernational.es

Please also contact us if you wish to exercise your ‘Right to Access’ or ‘Right to be Forgotten’ under the General Data Protection Regulation.

Terms and Conditions

Evenco Analytics offers a free trial period for three months after subscribing to the service. You will not be charged for this product during your trial period. Before the trial expires, we will contact you to see if you wish to continue using the service and subscribe to a yearly subscription, where you can cancel if desired. You can also unsubscribe from Evenco Analytics for free at any time leading up to the first quarterly payment by contacting us at info@evencointernational.com. Standard rate for the product is £5k per annum, charged quarterly at £1250. Early bird and referral discounts are also available for subscribing to a full Evenco Analytics subscription – please contact us for more information. As our subscription is set up via invoicing, please note that there may be a short delay before you receive access to the platform, as we will need to approve your request.

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